To see the perception of God and His Church restored so that those in Norman can freely enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and a kingdom community.

The city of Norman has a bit of a checkered past when it comes to churches, which has led to widespread skepticism of the church among Normanites. Despite several churches continuing to love Norman well, many people are blind with mistrust. The vision for Magnify is to be a church that rehabilitates that perception one individual at a time and bridges the gap between these great churches and these hurt people.


Magnifying God’s love, grace, and truth to advance His kingdom.

We feel called to two particular people groups in Norman: Nones and Dones. A None is someone who claims no religious affiliation. A Done, on the other hand, for one reason or another is “Done” with church, but might identify as a Christian. Both Nones and Dones see no need for the church, but our mission is to reveal the beauty and necessity of God and His church. Only God's love heals their hurts, grace makes them whole, and truth answers their doubts.


We affirm all the doctrines in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as they are supported by Scripture and are glad to be joined with other churches across the globe in those beliefs.